Columbia Wetlands Outpost

Why do so many call the Columbia Wetlands one of the world’s living treasures?

Some say it is because the wetlands are home to hundreds of bird, animal and fish species. Others are struck by the sheer beauty of our watery setting nestled between the Rocky and Purcell mountains. What we know is that the mighty Columbia River slows as it winds through the wetlands, setting the pace for us, and, all those who come here.

We are inspired to share this magical place with people drawn to a natural world that is both exhilarating and profound. A day spent in the wetlands is an opportunity to discover one of nature’s treasures and, perhaps, to re-discover what is most important

We rented two kayaks for the day and were kindly transported to the furthest point from the lodge with the goal of making it back eventually. The paddling was wonderful - wildlife everywhere, calm and relaxing. Despite immediately taking an unplanned swim and losing the map, we were able to navigate our way to all the great spots.
David, USA