Columbia Wetlands Outpost Tepee Tents

Looking for a great way to bring extra fun to your family trip? Try staying in a Columbia Wetlands Outpost Tepee Tent. 

Located on the mountainside of the Columbia Wetlands Outpost, in the privacy of Mo’s Meadow, the Tepee tents are an ideal way to experience something unique while still sleeping in a comfy bed!

These simple habitats brought comfort and protection to First Nations people for generations. Built on raised wooden platforms, the canvas and wood pole structures are equipped with comfortable cots, cosy bedding and solar lighting. Each Tepee tent can sleep up to 4 on 1 double bed and 2 singles. Bathroom and shower facilities are less than a 5 minute walk away.

During the long summer evenings, enjoy the warmth and comfort of our fire pit. There is no better place to share the days’ adventures. Or, if the kids have extra energy to burn, turn them loose in our Adventure Park!

Columbia Wetlands Outpost Tepee Tents are available for booking starting summer 2017. Come and embrace an experience where history, nature, fun and comfort connect.

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